PMT Group has a team of Multidisciplinary Engineers that have been involved in all types of engineering projects, highly experienced in testing equipment, plants and facilities.

The commissioning procedures are developed considering the Philosophy of Operation and Control, as well as the Technical Specifications of the Plant, Equipments, Systems design conditions and customer’s specifications. Procedures are performed considering all Systems as many Subsystems that constitute the Plant, and whenever possible each subsystem is treated as an independent system. The functionality of each subsystem is reviewed independently and then the final test of all subsystems are performed together, to make sure they function correctly and produce the expected results.

Our Commissioning Procedures include:


  • Identification of potential problems and design omissions
  • Step By Step testing and commissioning activities with specific site requirements
  • Test and Commissioning documentation


  • Monitoring Progress and Recording Results
  • Final testing and acceptance of equipment
  • Develop and Update the site test dossier
  • Achieve the plant performance in accordance with Design conditions