Planning & Cost Estimation

Our team dedicates  the necessary time  to discuss and understand the Scope of Work, as  the basis for the development of a plan Strategies, responsibilities, commitments and Resources to project requirements,.

Each plan shows a roadmap for project managers and provides a control tool throughout the project in which the Scope, Schedule and Project Costs are considered, using start points and Baselines to measure the progress of each phase of the project.

A   work breakdown structure (WBS) is defined, Identifying the deliverables and all the work to be done, considering many levels of tasks details, as needed, to produce the work packages, resources, timing, critical routes, tasks interdependence, scheduling the tasks and activities, cost estimates, Quality Plan to assure that the product meets Customer´s specifications to prevent and avoid errors and a good level of communications and managing the information of the projects

Since early phases of the project, we develop a Cost estimate that include all of stages and main sceneries handled